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For customer service teams in the aviation and retail sectors and for professionals.
Improve employee skills, retain top talent, and mitigate compliance risk with an LMS training solution personalised for your employees.

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Consumer Law Training LMS Learning-as-a-Solution training will elevate your employee development to be the catalyst that takes your workforce
AND your entire business to the next level.

What Is CLTP’s Learning-as-a-Solution (LaaS)?

Simply the best and only online employee solution you’ll ever need!

State-of-the-Art eLearning Platform

Build and deliver your own customized employee training program.

Automate your Processes

Use custom notifications, schedule reports, learning paths and much more.

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Customizable Training and Development

Build a world-class training program, available on any device, with our robust eLearning platform. Add training courses that meet specific training requirements for your employees.

Personalized Look and Feel

Create recognisable corporate branding to customize your online business training. Keep learners in the know with custom notifications and bulletins.

About CLTP

CLPT (The Consumer Law Training Portal) is run by leading Debello Law Limited, which is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.
Debello Law’s managing partner, Dean Dunham, is widely considered to be one of the leading authorities on consumer law and has been named Consumer Lawyer of the Year 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.
We are the trusted training partner for many airlines, retailers (for their customer service operatives) and law firms (who use our training for paralegals, trainee solicitors and NQ solicitors).

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